Roaming Harmony Zipper Punk Cat Fleece Hat

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This fleece hat is made with a lot of care and patience. No seams are to be seen on the outer shell of the hat (front and back). The ears are stuffed with a soft batting, which allows them to stand up by themselves. It is comfortable and cozy to wear. You may wear it for your Cosplay, to anime conventions, to concerts, parties, or anywhere you would like to impress your friends. We hope you will love it! ^__~

Fabric/ Material: Fleece- stretchable
Garment Batting inside of ears, zipper trims, safety pins and button
One size fits all/ most- stretchable to ca. 22"-24" (56cm-61cm) around the head

You will receive these buttons with your hat if you do not choose your own button preferences from the drop down option above:







Height (without ears)



ca. 11" - 12"
(ca. 28 cm - 30.5 cm)

ca. 5" - 6.5"
(ca.13 cm - 16.5 cm)

ca. 3.5" x 3.5"
(ca. 9 cm - 9 cm)

The height can be adjusted by folding the front flap up higher/ lower.



You may exchange to different button designs!





All other clothes or accessories displayed are excluded from this offer.





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 I really liked this hat! The options on the buttons had a very wide range of choices. I especially liked the packaging, a lot of work was put into it and the product! I would definitely buy from this shop again. ^-^

Love it, it is very accurate! XD



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