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Like Surprises & Saving Money?! Grab one of our  Mystery Mags today! ^__^

Value of content - Large Bag: $40 - $45
Value of content - Jumbo Bag: $50 - $55

What's in the Mystery/ Surprise bag?

We know everyone loves surprises and bargains even more, that's what these Mystery Bags are for. Each mystery bag contains ca. 4-6 different, brand new items. (The quantity of items included depends on each item's value.) You could get anything that is featured in our catalog: Jewelry and Accessory Goodies to Make Up, bags,... , discontinued or unreleased items.) Our mystery bags could be awesome gifts for your friends as well! :)

About The Gothic Lolita Style:
It is suitable for the female who is a fan of elegant things and elegant or classic colors such as black/ white. It is also great for those who like lace.

First Come! First Serve! Limited Quantity Available! Duplicate items may appear. Mystery Bags are final sale items- no return or exchange.


Real Customer Mystery Bag REVIEWS:

Theme GOTHIC LOLITA (Size Large) at 8:53 minutes


All other clothes or accessories displayed are excluded from this offer.



by Edan Satterfield

It's pretty awesome! I was happy with all the items i received. They were: 1. A school girl tote (adorable!) 2. Lace cuffs (I really like these even though they are big on me...) 3. Glitter!!!! 4. Two faux pearl bracelets

by Holly Strother

I had recently bought one. I love mystery items and I was surprised when I got a neato tote bag in mine plus wrist cuffs, A pearl bracelet, and body glitter. I am definitely buying more grab-bags around Christmas for my Lolita friends! :D

by Whitney Ashcraft

I bought the large and received a pair of eyelashes, two small black bow barrettes, a set of very pretty black chopsticks with little bows and balls on the ends, a cream and green lolita headdress, and a pair of pretty white heart dangle earrings. I was happy with the selection, but sad that I have to wait to grow out my hair for the chopsticks. lol



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