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Like Surprises & Saving Money?! Grab one of these mystery bags today! ^__^

Value of content - Large Bag: $40 - $45
Value of content - Jumbo Bag: $50 - $55

What's in the Mystery/ Surprise bag?

We know everyone loves surprises and bargains even more, that's what these mystery bags are for. Each mystery bag contains ca. 4-6 different, brand new items. (The quantity of items included depends on each item's value.) You could get anything that is featured in our catalog: Jewelry and Accessory Goodies to Make Up, bags,... , discontinued or unreleased items.) Our mystery bags could be awesome gifts for your friends as well! :)

About The Kawaii/Cute Lolita Style:
It is suitable for anyone who has an addiction to ANYTHING CUTE! A galore of cute/ light/ bright/ pastel colors and designs / patterns.

First Come! First Serve! Limited Quantity Available! Duplicate items may appear. Mystery Bags are final sale items- no return or exchange.


Real Customer Mystery Bag REVIEWS:

Theme KAWAII LOLITA (Size Large) at 6:43 minutes


All other clothes or accessories displayed are excluded from this offer.



by Natasja Boskamp

This grab bag was part of a kawaii set I bought. I was very happy to see all the cute things in it ^0^. Most are for in and on hair. It contained: 2 pink bracelets 2 small hair pins A large hair pin Purple glitter nail polish Pink rose hair band And a white/yellow Lolita headpiece The only thing I might not use are the bracelets.

by Shenitha Sims

I got some pretty cute things from this grab bag: A blue-green/whit-e headband blue flower earrings Blue bracelet with blue hearts ^U^ and something else (can't remember)

by Jenny Yang

I'm happy. ^^ I got 1. A pink bunny hat, with white for the inside of the ears 2.A white lolita headpiece, with two red flowers with white crossed bows underneath them. 3. Some kind of white thing with red polka dots on it. I haven't the slightest idea what it is 4. A white bracelet, plain and simple 5. I'm not very informed in the nail polish section, but I got a pearl nail polish bottle. 6.Two pink hair pins, with bows on them. I'm happy with what I got and I'm relishing over the fact that I GOT A BUNNY HAT!



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