It's easy, quick & secure to shop with us! Below is a FAQ guide on popular questions in regards to your Order & Payment Status and our Products as well! 


The most secure and fastest way to place an order is the secure online ordering method. It only takes a few minutes.
Your payment is held secure and private through Secure 128-bits SSL transaction.

1. Create an account for free if you haven't already.
2. Add products into your shopping cart.
3. Proceed to the secure checkout by clicking on the "Checkout" button.
4. Select your preferred Shipping method.
5. Select your preferred Payment method: Credit/ Debit Card , PayPal, Money Order/ Check, etc.
6. Submit your order by clicking on the "Confirm" button.
7. You will  receive your Order Confirmation via email within 24hrs from the time you placed your order. (Please check all your E-mail folders.)
You may also log-in to your account to view your order details and updates.
8. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email update with a Shipping Confirmation including a Tracking/Delivery number.

You may place an order by email. Please email us your order request at info(at)visual-you.com and we will guide you through the ordering process.



For U.S. and International customers, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER.
Please choose the "Credit/ Debit Card" option at the checkout payment page.

In order for us to successfully bill your credit card you must provide us with the correct information:
1. Credit Card number (Full 16 digits, expiration date (MM/YY) and 3-digit CVV# ).
2. Correct Billing Information/ Address.
For your security, your billing name and address must match with the information of the credit card used for payment. Your billing information will go through a AVS (Billing address verification system). We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not meet this criteria.

We accept:
PaypalVISAMaster CardDiscover NetworkBank Transfer
We do not accept: Gift cards (Gift cards will not be verified by our AVS; billing address verification system.)
If you plan to use a gift card, please make us aware of it, otherwise we will void it!



Please make sure to select the Credit Card icon at the payment checkout page, otherwise all credit card information you enter will be lost when you proceed to confirm your order.

You can easily and securely send your payment via PayPal by choosing the "PayPal" option at the checkout payment page. If you do not have a PayPal account, click here to create one.
Our PayPal account is: billing


Step1 Step2  

Choose Paypal at checkout After submitting your payment through Paypal,
go back to  www.VISUAL-YOU.com from the
 PayPal page to complete your order!

If you wish to transfer your payment from your bank account to ours, choose the "Direct Bank Deposit" option at the checkout payment page. We will then contact you within 24-48 hours and provide you with our Bank information.
Please do not contact your bank to send any wire transfer before having received our information and instructions first. Please wait until having received our instructions and confirmation first.

Personal Check/Money Order
If you wish to send us a Personal Check or Money Order, please choose the "Check / Money Order" option at the checkout payment page. We will then contact you within 24-48 hours and provide you with instructions on how to pay via Check/ Money Order.
We encourage you to send a Money Order instead of a Check.

Payment via Check: After having received your Check, you must allow us an additional 4-10 day period in order for your check to clear. We cannot ship your order until your check has been cleared.
Payment via Money Order: A Money Order does not need any additional time to be cleared. Therefore, your order can be processed/ shipped instantly, once we receive your Money order.

C.O.D. ( Cash on Delivery)
If you wish to pay via cash, you may do so via a C.O.D. payment.
When placing a C.O.D. order, the buyer must confirm and agree to pay for an additional $7.95 - $9.15 service fee:

1. Simply place an order by adding products into your shopping cart.
Proceeding to the checkout payment page, you will need to choose "Check / Money order" as your payment method and then write into the comment box
"C.O.D fee- $7.95 - $9.15 confirmed".
2. Then, we will send your order package out as C.O.D. and the postal carrier will collect the payment from you at the time of delivery. When the carrier delivers the package you may either 1. Write a personal check or 2. Pay cash.
Please be prepared to have the payment amount ready.

*C.O.D method is only available for purchases of $100 or less (excluding shipping cost).




Q: How can I check on my order status- When will it be shipped?

(Status: Pending) After placing an order, you will receive an e-mail containing your order details. This email is your Order Confirmation that confirms that we have received your order.
(Status: Processing) Once your payment has been received/ cleared, we will process your order by preparing it for its shipment. (From Mon - Fri, please allow 1-2 business days of processing time).
If an item is unavailable, we will contact you via your provided e-mail or phone number. Please make sure that your contact information is accurate and up-to-date .
(Status: Shipped) When there are no issues with your order, it will be shipped.

** Orders are processed and shipped on business days only (Monday-Friday), excluding U.S. holidays.
All orders are subject to availability.

Q: I placed an order but I did not receive any e-mails/ updates.
(e.g. Order Confirmation/  Sign-up Coupon,...)

Please check all your email folders as your e-mail provider might have filtered our e-mails  into another folder. Please also be sure that your e-mail address is not misspelled.  If you are uncertain or would like us to re-send your order confirmation, please send us an inquiry via our Contact Us page here.
It is also possible to
view  your order details and updates by logging-in to your account.


Q: Has my payment been received/ cleared yet?
I made my payment via...

PayPal: Your payment is received instantly if the entire amount due is available in your Paypal account. Otherwise, we will receive a notification from PayPal instructing us to wait for your payment (eCheck) to be cleared before shipping your order.

Debit/Credit Card: Please allow 24-48 hrs, from the time you placed your order, in order for us to bill your Debit/ Credit Card. It will not be billed automatically at the time you finish placing your order. Once your Debit/ Credit Card has been billed successfully, you will receive an e-mail update with your Order status having been switched from "Pending" to "Processing".

Declined Debit/ Credit Card:  When your card declines, we will notify you via e-mail or phone.
Once any issues have been resolved and we have received your payment, you will receive an e-mail update with your Order status having been switched from "Pending" to "Processing".

Bank Wire Transfer: When choosing to send your payment via Bank Wire Transfer, please allow us 24-48 hrs to provide you with our Bank information. Please allow 3-7 days for us to receive your payment from the time you've transferred your payment from your bank to our bank. If you believe that the transfer has completed already, please contact us via e-mail.

Personal Check/ Money Order: Please allow us 24-48 hrs to provide you with instructions on how to send your payment via Personal Check/ Money Order. Once we receive your Check/ Money Order in the mail, you will receive an e-mail with your Order status having been switched from "Pending" to "Processing".
We encourage you to send a Money Order instead of a Check. For a payment via check, you must allow us a 4-10 day clearing/ processing period upon the shipment of your order. In contrary, Money orders do not need to be cleared. Therefore, your order can be processed/ shipped instantly, once we receive your Money order.


Q: Do you guarantee that the items I've ordered are in stock?

A: All items listed on our website are ready-to-ship and the best effort to update the website and products' availability is being made during business hours (Mon-Fri). However, occasionally inaccuracies in the quantity availability might occur. Once found that the product or quantity ordered is not available, we will contact you immediately via e-mail. Please make sure that your e-mail is accurate for us to resolve the incident ASAP.

Q: How can I find out more about a product?

A: A further, detailed product description is listed following the product's image. You may e-mail us with further questions.

Q: Do your clothes come true to size?

A: Since everyone has a different clothing fit preference (some people like it more fitting, others like it more loose), the best advise is to look at our size measuring chart, which is provided for each specific clothing piece. (Please understand that some variations +/- 0.5 to 1 inch may appear) 



Ordering online with us is safe and secure!
First things first, let's not worry because you can shop at ease! Please check on our website security credentials to see that we are serious about your security:
Comodo Secure (Click to view our SSL Certificate Security Credentials)

How we protect customer information

Industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is always used!

When logging in or checking out on the Visual You/ Lokisa website, all sensitive data (all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address) is transmitted over HTTPS. This means a secure SSL connection has been established, and that all data transmitted through this connection will be encrypted. Encrypted data cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.