Did you know?

We are a micro business, which is a very small business of under five people, and design, embroider and screen-print in-house at the Lokisa workshop here in California. 

Our apparel is mainly made in North America. 
Our main raw material is cotton, and almost all of our cotton is sourced from the United States.

The manufacturing process consists of several tiers.
Our apparel manufacturers’ supply chain is primarily vertically-integrated, which means that they own and operate their tier 1, 2, and 3 manufacturing processes, like yarn-spinning, textiles, sewing, and distribution.

How is the fashion and apparel industry affected by The Supply Chain Issues?

Many bigger companies'/ brands' supply chains are decentralized which means their tier 1 and 2 are formed of external suppliers located in Asia.
For example, a shoe brand that sells sneakers is dependent on their Vietnamese factories for sewing - but instead, their Vietnamese factories are dealing with pandemic shutdowns. This creates a disruption to their supply chain.  

How is LOKISA affected by supply chain issues?

The U.S. labor shortages due to the pandemic
Unfortunately, we are affected by the U.S. labor shortages, which have been affecting domestic yarn production and thus our textile manufacturers’ ability to rebuild higher inventory levels.


What about alternatives?
We believe in quality over quantity as well as in supporting our local economy. At this time we haven’t found alternatives of equal value and thus our catalog currently remains limited in quantity.

What does LOKISA have available now?
We’ve been working really hard to replenish inventory for the past few weeks. While a good amount of sizes have been restocked, supply is very limited with the possibility of no restock.

Our light purple colored embroidered sweatshirts have been completely sold out of sizes S, XL, XXL since September/ October with a few left in sizes M and L. 

How long does LOKISA’s supply last?

For anything that sells out this month, we do not expect to be able to restock until next year.

Periodically our apparel manufacturer replenishes certain colors/ sizes in small batches. This, however, happens in a very unpredictable manner and unfortunately, there is no way for us to be able to reserve such replenishments as they serve thousands of other clients. Some items that we've been waiting on have remained out of stock for anywhere from 2 - 12 months. 


So what are you waiting for? 

Be extra prepared for this holiday season. This would be a great time for you to check off your Lokisa holiday shopping list for your family/ friends and yourself before items sell out. 


As always, thank you for your support towards our small business. We are grateful towards every single one of you everyday. 🙏

Happy Holidays,

- the Lokisa team