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Thrilling news! After having received incredible amounts of inquiries from past to present, we have finally put together a way for you to reach out to us about your ideas on collaborating with us through our ‘Visual You Bloggers’ program. For anyone who’s already contacted us in the past, please submit your inquiry again:

Collaborations of our Interest:

Editorial post/ product reviews via blog, youtube and social media platforms such as Facebook fanpage and Instagram for our brand LOKISA. (Are you on a different platform? Simply let us know so we can have a look!)
Every month or two, we will choose a couple applicants, who will get a chance to collaborate with us on items from our unique product line.

Application Guidelines Your submission will be reviewed and chosen based on the relevance and quality of your proposed collaboration platform (whichever applicable as mentioned above). The chance of being chosen is higher if your established platform looks well-rounded, has an aesthetic alike/ is similar to the look or products of the LOKISA brand and has quality content.
Although we strive to offer opportunities to many, the number of followers/ subscribers should be at 5,000 at the minimum, which must be real and active. We currently receive so many requests and having a minimum following-base will allow us to see a reflection of your commitment to your work.

Collaboration Guidelines Within any collaboration, all applicants are expected to create an original and informative content post/ video with good visuals, such as pictures of our product(s). The content post/ video must be published within 4-6 days of receiving the item(s).

Team Effort You are your own brand and so is LOKISA. Through our ‘Visual You Bloggers’ program, we strive to help you in being able to post quality content on your own platform with the quality product(s) that we send to you at no cost.
To anyone who is interested in reviewing / styling our apparel and accessories onto their dedicated platform, thank you for showing your best effort and hard work.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate or respond to all collaboration requests. Maybe your submission doesn’t meet our general guidelines as described, or we simply have too many applications on the waitlist. Keep in mind that it costs us to send off our products at no charge- products we create through our hard work, imagination, time and money. Thank you for your understanding! ❤

Anyone who’s spread good words already... THANK YOU!
We are incredibly grateful towards those who have put their efforts and time into spreading good words about us throughout these past years. To any single one of you who has purchased from us, thank you deeply for keeping us ongoing.

Now it’s time! Send in your submission for a ‘Visual You Bloggers program application’ by filling out the form below. Please review the spelling of your e-mail to ensure that your message will be delivered.
Include your details as following:

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