Adopt a Panda


Our "Adopt a Panda" Fundraiser contains all of our creations made in dedication to the awesome Panda! Did you know that the Panda is an endangered animal with only ca. 1,000 - 2,500 of his kind left in the wild? 
Partial proceeds from each item sold will go to an organization that is dedicated to environmental conservation to protect the Panda from its extinction. As of today, we have contributed our donations to WWF (World Wild Life), one of our favorite conservation organizations. It is an awesome organization which has been protecting the future of nature/ wildlife for over 45 years! 

There's also Ponya, our chibi-panda, that we created with the mission of spreading awareness about his endangered species. Thus, he peeks out from our Panda hoodie's pocket. From now on, he will be making more appearances to find people who love him & help him in fulfilling his mission. ^_^