Eyepatch (White)

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Material: 100% Cotton

Features: Two elastic tie strings,
One Size
Measurements: ca. 2.3 inch x 1.9 inch (ca. 6 cm x 5 cm)


All other clothes or accessories displayed are excluded from this offer.



by Kristina Ackerman

Mkay. I dislike the fact there are ribbons to tie it back, but I love that they are sewn into the patch so I don't have to worry they will slip out. I will be ordering more of these because there is alot you can do to them :3 it looks good and feels good but was very hard for me to get back off.. vwv

by Kassandra Garcia

I've bought a lot of things from this site and I've never had time to just write a small review on any of the products xD. I got this a few days after I ordered it. I must say, it took me about 10mins to figure out how to put it on xD It's not Lokisa's fault, that was just my own..... But it's great! I can't wait to use it with my gurololi costume ^_^

by Brenna Benavides

I bought this about a year ago and still love it! I was going to get the blood design one but I figured I'd just save myself $2 and get a plain one that I can put anything on! It's still just white after having it for so long because I like it so much. I think might buy a couple more and design them differently for fun. X3 Btw these are kinda tricky to put on yourself, especially if you've got long hair ___ Be sure brush your hair over them right and don't tie them too tight or you'll end up looking silly. XD



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