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Our 'Visual You donates' Charity Campaign is intended to show that everyone can make a change/ difference to better this world by supporting our mission in which partial proceeds from every item purchased from us will be donated to a charity in need.

Why do we do this? We sincerely hope to offer our amazing supporters/ customers an experience to the hearts' content.
We are just a family company among millions of gigantic operations. We are not wealthy in any way. However, we believe in giving. We believe in our family teachings, passed on from parent-to-child that: "If you have a lot, you give a lot. If you have a little, you give a little. If you do not have anything at all, give your time, attention and affection."
We all have personal dreams and goals to accomplish in life. Furthermore, we should all share one dream together, which is the dream of dedicating a part of our lives to the poor, the sick, the forgotten people (and animals).

Thank you for being part of 'Visual You donates'.
Thank you for giving with us together.

Thank you for all your Love,

Team Visual You/ Lokisa
Your creators/ designers,

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Let's celebrate! You make our fundraiser possible! Thank you so much! <3

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Charities You help us donate to:

Please continue to love & support!

World Wide Fund For Nature  Feed the Children    Catholic Charities USA