Website HELP !

Welcome to our New Website!  
Ponya the Panda is here to guide you through some (new) features so you can have a Shopping Experience full of Awesomeness! 

Ordering online with us is safe and secure!
First things first, let's not worry because you can shop at ease! Please check on our website security credentials to see that we are serious about your security:
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How we protect customer information

  • Industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is always used

When logging in or checking out on the Visual You/ Lokisa website, all sensitive data (all of your personal information including credit card number, name, and address) is transmitted over HTTPS. This means a secure SSL connection has been established, and that all data transmitted through this connection will be encrypted. Encrypted data cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

1. Website Navigation

How do I navigate through all of this?! (I'm not used to using the Drop Down Menu!) 

After clicking on any product, you will see its own Product details page full of Awesomeness.
But how do you go back to the original “Category” page?
You want to see the other products in there too!

A: Above the Product image, click onto the link, next to “Home”. That is the original / main “Category” the product comes from. Once you click onto that you will be right back to the entire display of the category!


*This rule does not apply to “NEW ARRIVALS”. Please click on the “NEW ARRIVALS” tab in the header/ grey bar, whenever you wish to go back to see all products displayed in this category.

2. "Easy Menu" = the three small icons that appear on the Product image for "Add to Cart", "Add to Wishlist", "Add to Compare"

How do I use the "Easy Menu" that pops up when I hover over a product? (It disappears when I click on the image!)

A: Hold on, don't click onto the Product image yet! In order for the "Easy Menu" to appear, simply hover directly onto any of those three icons (until they turn BLUE) and click onto them to trigger an action: The “cart” icon will add the product to your Shopping Cart, the “heart” will favorite/ add it to your Wish list, the “papers” will add it to your Compare list. Sometimes, clicking on the "cart" icon doesn’t add the product directly into your shopping cart but will lead you to the product detail page due to the product having options (e.g. sizes) that need to be selected.


3. Coupon Codes

How do I redeem/ use a coupon code?

A: Alright, you've got a shopping cart full with awesomeness, now simply proceed to the checkout payment page and you will see an area with the title "Discount Coupon". Enter your coupon code in the "Redemption Code" field. Once you've entered the coupon code and selected your payment method, click on "Continue" and your total will automatically reflect the applied discount. How awesome is that?!


What do I use my WISH LIST for?

A: The Wish List is an amazing tool through which you can save all of your favorite items into one place. Simply add items to your Wish List by clicking onto each item's "heart"
icon that appears inside of each product description or on the product thumbnail. You can share your Wish List with your friends/ family via email by clicking onto "Tell a Friend"! Send out a helpful list to let them know what you wish to receive for your birthday or upcoming Holiday gift. :)


We really hope this helps!

It takes some getting used to everything-new and we are still applying subtle touch-ups to our New Website this month so thanks so much for hanging in there with us!
For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to drop us an email over here (our Contact Us page)!

Best wishes,

-Ponya the Panda
team Visual You/ Lokisa