Pug (Dog) Fashion Face Mask

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Please take notice that this is a fashion face mask which is not designed for serious, medical conditions. You may wear it over a medical face mask.

Our face masks are screen-printed and sewn with care and attention. The light-weight material allows for easy breathability and comfortable wear.


  • Cotton / Poly blend.
  • Adjustable elastic strings.
  • Single-layered.
  • Fit: One size fits all. If the mask appears too big, simply tie the strings shorter and the mask will become smaller. Fold the bottom part of the mask under as needed.
  • ca. 6/6.5"x 4/4.5" (ca. 15.5/16.5 cm x 10.5/11.5 cm) , 2 oz.
  • Care Tips: For best results, hand wash in a cold water temperature.
  • Fashion face mask: Not designed for serious, medical conditions.


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