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Comfy, Lovely Little Sweater

Extremely happy with my purchase. Shopping online unfortunately in the 21st century means the quality of the product your buying and the comfort of the clothes your buying are extremely hit or miss. Thankfully the products from here seem up to pair with the comfy, modern aesthetic I find myself enjoying these days of somewhat lose fitting sweaters. The material seems good enough (especially for the price), the embroidery is rock solid, and the inside fabric is nice and soft on the skin. Overall would highly recommend this item. I'll probably end up buying one or two other items from the store just out of curiosity seeing as how happy I am with my sweater.

Super cute

Love this hat. Super cute, comfy and fits well to the head!

Super Cute

Ordered an embroidered shirt and got a super cute embroidered shirt. I would give it 5 stars but the shirt material itself was of lower quality than I would want for the price I paid for, hence the 4 stars but still ITS SO CUTE!! I'm probably going to wear it to death in a year but that's why I wanted the quality to be higher, so that it doesn't wear down so easily. Still worth it though CAUSE ITS SO CUTE!

Awesome cloth

I bought a bunch of sweatshirts and a hoodie and they are all very nice quality you get more than what you pay for and I will be buying more if they give me discount codes :)

Great gift

Ordered this for my girlfriend, she loved it. Fit her very good and it’s a cute design.

Pretty cute

Bought this sticker for my girlfriend and she loved it. It’s very cute and good quality overall.

Cute sweatshirt

A great sweatshirt with amazing quality embroidery. I will definitely be back for a second one. (Sorry for the dirty mirror in my photo lol)

Cute and simple sweatshirt

Fits well and it is very comfortable. Plus it has a variety of colors which is another plus. Highly recommend!

Otter embroidered sweatshirt

Really happy with this product. The Lokisa team were really responsive & answered all my questions as well as coordinated the exchange (size issue) in a timely manner with me. Thank you so much for this!

Black Corgi sweatshirt

Really happy with this purchase!

The doge is the best sticker I've gotten yet!

This is such good quality and I will for Shure get more stickers 10/10

Perfect gift

Purchased this sweatshirt in blue for my fiancé. She loved it. Very soft material and fits to size. Shipping was very quick for me. Highly recommend.

Quality product and website

Great sweatshirt all around, I ordered in maroon and the color is as expected and just looks great. The inside of the sweatshirt is comfy and the whole thing seems sturdy while smooth. Also a note on delivery: the package got stolen upon arrival and I was sent a replacement right away free of charge. So I’m super happy with both the product and the service :) would buy again!

amazing hoodie!

got the purple embroidered panda hoodie and love it! the picture makes it look washed out but the color is actually a vibrant, cute lavender and the panda is adorable. pocket is the perfect size and material isn’t too bulky but nice and warm. highly recommend!


Got to say. One of the BEST Sweatshirts I've gotten especially for around $40

Just how i wanted it. Thank you. ☺️❤️

Great product

Material used for the sweatshirt is thick and warm. Sizing is great too as the lenght and shoulder width is perfect.


Fits perfect and great quality! Love my new Raccoon sweater!!!

High quality and Comfortable

I've had my eye on these sweaters for a while and was finally able to get it and i have been very happy with the purchase. Its very warm and comfortable I've had to purposely wear it less because its all i ever wanted to wear. These are high quality sweaters that are well worth their price <3 :)

So freaking cute

Great quality- exactly as pictured. So freaking cute!


My husband loves pandas and sriracha. This was perfect & made him so happy. Great quality!

So cozy!

I ordered the panda sweatshirt for my husband and the penguin sweatshirt for myself. They are so cozy! The embroidery is perfect. We love the colors and fit. I accidentally ordered too large of a size & the return/exchange process was so fast and easy. Highly recommend!

Chubby tubby raccoon

Super cute and comfy! Customer service was excellent! Very responsive staff!

Loved it! So cute and comfy!

I got this as a gift for my friend, and she loved it! The sweatshirt is super comfy and cute!

Awesome in everything

I ordered the wrong size and they were so quick to fix it for me, and the shirt is so cute. I will order again.