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Based on 981 reviews

Just how i wanted it. Thank you. ☺️❤️

Great product

Material used for the sweatshirt is thick and warm. Sizing is great too as the lenght and shoulder width is perfect.


Fits perfect and great quality! Love my new Raccoon sweater!!!

High quality and Comfortable

I've had my eye on these sweaters for a while and was finally able to get it and i have been very happy with the purchase. Its very warm and comfortable I've had to purposely wear it less because its all i ever wanted to wear. These are high quality sweaters that are well worth their price <3 :)

So freaking cute

Great quality- exactly as pictured. So freaking cute!


My husband loves pandas and sriracha. This was perfect & made him so happy. Great quality!

So cozy!

I ordered the panda sweatshirt for my husband and the penguin sweatshirt for myself. They are so cozy! The embroidery is perfect. We love the colors and fit. I accidentally ordered too large of a size & the return/exchange process was so fast and easy. Highly recommend!

Chubby tubby raccoon

Super cute and comfy! Customer service was excellent! Very responsive staff!

Loved it! So cute and comfy!

I got this as a gift for my friend, and she loved it! The sweatshirt is super comfy and cute!

Awesome in everything

I ordered the wrong size and they were so quick to fix it for me, and the shirt is so cute. I will order again.


I love this sweater! It is so cute and warm. It also has a panda on it which just makes me love it more since pandas are my favorite animal. I definitely recommend buying one yourself!

Super cute & soft!

the bunny sweatshirt is very adorable, comfortable & warm. i love it! :)


I love the outfits! They are soo cute! Soo tempted to buy more but my wallet won’t allow it… 😅


The product was very comfy and the person I gifted it to really liked it.


Took a little long to arrive, but it is very comfortable.

Great Customer Service!

My friend loves the sweater itself, but what I loved more was the immediate change in size I requested because I forgot to order the correct size. I emailed customer service and they were able to switch it out before it shipped without any inconvenience.

Great product!

It’s really cute sweatshirts!

Great quality and fits perfectly! Was delivered to me really quickly and is super cute! I already bought another one

Cute and comfy

I bought it as a gift for my gf and when i felt the material it felt durable and comfy. When she wore it, it was a perfect fit when i bought her size. Plus, it looked cute on her and the embroidery is cute. I bought her the penguin version because I remind her of a penguin. I definitely will buy one for myself to match with her.


10/10 quality super cute. Arrived on time for Christmas for a gift. Loved thank you note and the magnet that came with it 🥰

so cute!

got it for my husband -- he's worn it every day since!

cute and comfy

so happy with the purchase!!

Quality Material

When I first ordered this, I was expecting a standard sweatshirt with the logo. After trying it on the quality and material of the sweatshirt feels very smooth compared to others that I have bought from other brands. I purchased this for the cute embroidered icon, but I am very happy with the sweatshirt as a whole.


I ordered because it looked cute online. The embroidered bear has not suffered in the wash. Still remains soft even after being machine washed. I'll go a size up next time so that it's more oversized! (For reference, I weigh about 118 pounds, am 5'3, and the small is already a little tight on me but I love it!)

i like it

i like the embroidered animal on the top left of the sweatshirt. it fits perfectly and it’s simple.