We proudly support our Community by automatically donating partial proceeds of any item sold. 

LOKISA's Core causes are: 
  • Fight against childhood hunger and poverty
  • Support of mental health / suicide prevention
  • Fight against animal cruelty and neglect 
  • Support to victims of disasters 


Our 2022 fundraiser via Pledge  for Nova Ukraine until 4/11:


Our 2021 fundraiser via Pledge  for the  AFSP :

A message from our founder:

Everyone can make a difference to better this world.
We all have personal dreams and goals to accomplish in life. However, we should all share one dream together, which is the dream of dedicating a part of our lives to the poor, the sick and the forgotten people and animals.

Thank you for being part of our mission in giving back together.

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Other Charities You help us donate to:



(via separate donation when there's no active fundraiser via Pledge.)