Thank you for supporting our mission in which partial proceeds from every item purchased from us will be donated to a charity in need.

Although we are
just a small family operation, we believe in giving. We believe in our family teachings, passed on from one generation to the next, that: "If you have a lot, you give a lot. If you have a little, you give a little. If you do not have anything at all, give your time, attention and affection."
Everyone can make a difference to better this world.
We all have personal dreams and goals to accomplish in life. However, we should all share one dream together, which is the dream of dedicating a part of our lives to the poor, the sick, the forgotten people and animals.



Thank you for being part of the #LOKISAFAM.
Thank you for giving with us together.

Thank you for all your Love.

Your creators,
-Lina & the LOKISA team


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