Kawaii Mystery Box - Husky
Kawaii Mystery Box - Husky
Kawaii Mystery Box - Husky
Kawaii Mystery Box - Husky

Kawaii Mystery Box - Husky

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What is the Kawaii Mystery Box?
The Kawaii Mystery Box - All things Husky contains between 4 to 6 of our cutest kawaii items curated and randomly selected from our catalog, event-exclusives, and maybe some of what has not released to the public yet; you could be the first!
The best part, the total value content is between $45 to $50!

With such an overload of cuteness, remember, it doesn’t hurt to share some items from your box with family and friends as well! ヾ(*^o ^*○)ノ゙
But then again, it's ok if you want to keep such a spectacular box all to yourself....

Our Husky themed box is perfect for any dog lovers !
It contains items based around all of our adorable Husky.

Our Kawaii Mystery Boxes are the perfect presents!
If you purchase more than one box of the same theme (Panda, Dog, or Kitty and more) for your bestie and yourself, there is a possibility that you both can match together!

What are you waiting for?
Ready to find out what’s inside the Kawaii Mystery Box?
Limited quantity is available- Order yours today before it’s sold out!

  • 4 - 6 items per box
  • Items are based on everything Husky
  • Content value of $45 - $50
  • Brand new items


Product images display an example of a Kawaii Mystery Box. Actual content may vary and is selected by random. Displayed items may or may not be included.

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